Touch For Health

From the words of Late John F. Thie D.C., co-author of the book Touch For Health – The Complete Edition by John Thie D.C. and Matthew Thie.

“I treasure the Touch For Health synthesis.  I see it as a candle lighting others the way to better health and living.  And I believe each of us holds such a candle – perhaps as yet unlit – that can serve to guide those we cherish safely toward a more abundant life.  I hope, through the International Kinesiology College and its Faculty and registered TFH Instructors, to pass my light along to you so your candle in turn may illuminate the way for others.

The IKC and I, believe that families and individuals need help in becoming more competent in caring for themselves.  Our endeavours are to share information that will enhance personal power in health improvement, disease prevention, and releasing natural healing energies.  Our programmes are aimed at the widest audience – the lay public, educators, athletes and health professionals.”

This is an 8 day programme, usually divided into four by two day trainings.

 The Certificate you will receive at the end of this training is Internationally Recognised.

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Level 1

Minimum of 15 Hours

As approved by the Touch For Health School of the International Kinesiology College


  • The fourteen muscle balance
    • 14 Muscle “Balance as You Go” Demonstration
    • Switching on Balancing Exercise
    • Central Meridian Check
    • Hydration Check
    • Permission to Test and Self Responsibility Model
    • Accurate Indicator Muscle Testing
    • Inhibited Muscles
    • Introducing the 14 Muscle Tests and Balancing Methods
    • Challenge
    • 14 Muscle Balancing with a Goal.


You will also learn Applications for use at TFH Level 1 plus 14 muscle tests.

Level 2

Minimum of 15 Hours


  • Circuit Locating
  • Prechecks
  • 3 TFH Balancing Methods
  • Cerebro Spinal Technique
  • Yin/Yang Concept
  • Alarm Points of Over Energy
  • Meridian Wheel Balancing
  • The theory and practice of the Law of the Five Elements
  • One Point Balance – balance the first Yin under energy after any over energy.


You will also learn Applications for use at TFH level 2 plus 14 muscle tests.

Level 3

Minimum of 15 Hours

The main teaching concept is:

Reactive Muscle Theory

  • Five Elements Review
  • 5 Element Balancing with Colour as balance
  • 5 Element Balancing with Goal and Emotion
  • Circuit Retaining Mode
  • Facilitation  and Inhibition
  • Reactive Muscle Theory and Practice


You will also learn Applications for use at TFH level Three plus 14 muscle tests.

Level 4

Minimum of 15 Hours

  • 5 Element Emotions
  • 5 Element Sound Balance
  • Acupressure Holding Point Theory
  • Luo Points
  • Time of Day Balance
  • Figure Eight Energy
  • Neurolymphatic Release
  • Postural Stress Release
  • Reactive Muscle Review
  • Postural Analysis
  • 42 Muscle Head to Toe Balance


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