South African Kinesiology Practitioner College (SAKPC) is a borderless school for personal upliftment, offering books, courses and workshops that provide the practical tools for self-reflection, study and growth.

SAKPC was founded by Gabby Fels, a practitioner and teacher with nearly three decades of experience in guiding those both seeking hope in times of despair, and those eager to step into their power and live an empowered life.

She has brought enlightenment to inmates in a maximum security prison, worked to reform those from broken homes and encourage a better way to those seeking to liberate themselves from struggle.  


Gabby is South African born but grew up and was educated in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia as it was called then)  She is happily married with three grown children and currently has three grandchildren.

Gabby began her Healing Path in 1990 with a Diploma in Reflexology.  In 1993 she became a Touch For Health Instructor, and is still registered as such with the International College of Kinesiology in Australia. In 1995 she was awarded a Professional status with the South African Foundation of Educational Kinesiology.  In 2000 Gabby became a Faculty Member of the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice in St. Heliers, New Zealand.  A few years later Gabby started the South African Kinesiology Practitioner College in Johannesburg.

In 2006 Gabby began teaching in Leeuwkop Maximum Security Prison, which she continued for twelve years. She was nominated as a candidate for the Woman of The Year Competition, for her prison work.