Transformation Series Modules

Format: Series
Extras: Study Guide Included


The files will become available for download once payment has been made.



It is my vision to see these very affordable Modules in the Transformation Series used in as many areas as possible in order to reach the widest scope of students. For example, homes, schools, communities, Church Groups and Support Groups. In fact anywhere that Life Skills would be helpful and uplifting.


  • If you are involved in a group or an organization that specializes in self-development, these modules are ideal for discussion purposes.
  • From experience each module takes approximately three hours in a workshop environment.
  • The Transformation Series vary between three and seventeen pages.
  • Each module except three, includes a study guide to be filled in by the student. The exceptions are ‘Addiction’, ‘A Game Called Sex’ and ‘Victim to Hero’.


With Covid-19 and lockdowns spreading globally, an opportunity for some introspection and a re-evaluation of who and what we are is almost thrust upon us. It is not often that one can escape the demands of busy lifestyles to find quiet time to re-calibrate one’s life. Both the modules in the Transformation Series as well as the book “A Call To Self” are the ideal partners in this quest.


Who is it for?

The Transformation Series is a modular course for anyone who:

  • Has limited time to commit to a course of study but wants to gain the knowledge quickly and effectively
  • Desires a better life for themselves
  • Feels depressed or has low self-esteem and is seeking a route to hope
  • Life Skills to cope with the demands of life.


The Benefits of the Series

  • Self-reflection and discovery
  • A structured path to adopt a better life and embrace change
  • Strengthened resilience and confidence
  • Mastery of your own life