Healing in a Maximum Security Prison

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A Healing Revolution is possible within the confines of a prison, with the inmates taking the major role.

The desire to write book had been in my mind for many years, as well as my passion to teach in prison. I had no idea ‘on what topic’ or ‘how’. Where there is a will, there is a way, and in 2006 I began my teaching career in Leeuwkop Maximum Security Prison.

There have been many people who encouraged me to create this book – especially the inmates themselves. Firstly I would like to acknowledge the incredible appreciation and  humble  gratitude shown toward me, an outsider. The inmates spurred me on to put ideas and kinesiology stress release exercises down on paper, in order for every inmate to have access to self-help tools, rather than a select few.

“In my humble opinion, Rehabilitation is NOT OPTIONAL!!!  Rehabilitation is about enabling individuals to activate their natural God given talent and to motivate them to become the best they can be through learning, self-practice and determination. I also don’t believe the inmates can be rehabilitated by anything other than love. They respond so positively; it is like witnessing someone ‘coming alive’ again. They, (most – not all), emerge out of the darkness, back into the light and begin to participate again in life. I had a lovely quote by an inmate…”I talk and have a bright face”. I was deeply moved by that.”

Kinesiology has calmed down the majority of inmates in Leeuwkop and even the social workers have commented on the changes. Oh that it was compulsory for every inmate to be taught skills to enable them to manage their lives responsibly and positively.

I do not know of a better way than through Kinesiology. I KNOW it works and have seen miracles happen over and over again. I am very blessed to have been schooled in this subject and am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with such amazing but wounded people.

The goal of each class is to learn one Life Skill and one Kinesiology exercise. The course outline can be followed in the Study Guide.

This book: “Healing in A Maximum Security Prison – A Life Skills and Kinesiology Handbook” was first published in 2009 as a hard covered book. This became the basis of the classes over twelve years.

The book is now available as an e-book and can be purchased above.

This Book comes with a Study guide bundled in.