A Call To Self

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An initiative of The South African Kinesiology Practitioner College, the book A Call to Self, is designed as a universal resource for those seeking to embrace the path to a better life; to learn how to overcome struggles and difficulties; and to create a future filled with hope, independence and joy.

Teaching people ways in which to overcome their own issues by themselves, seems to be the most empowering way in which to grow and make the choice to regain full responsibility for one’s own life. The content of this book A Call to Self can be applied to any situation that is causing stress, be it physical, emotional or mental.

The intention of this book is to inspire and motivate you to become the best version of yourself, through love, respect and self-awareness in every step you take.  The stories and case studies referred to are about real people.  I have used their own life experiences to illustrate how growth and transformation is possible.  YOU can also do this. 

Simply apply the easy-to-follow exercises and answer the self-searching questions which will lead you to your own incites and discovery of your magnificent worth.

Can I activate my SELF to change my life?  YES!  You certainly can.  And this book will tell you how!  The book, as well as the twenty one lessons in the Study Guide, can be used as the steps on your personal ladder to creating the life you want.

To make it easily accessible, this book is available as an Ebook